I mean, I hand out plenty of it every day. The typical $2.35 change that one gets after spending $2.65 on a venti Iced Green Tea, shaken, with no water and no syrup. That is, if they pay with a five dollar bill.

Or the common customer who, thinks that it benefits the employee when they pay entirely IN change. “Why yes, didn’t you know I absolutely LOVE counting out $6.92 in quarters and dimes and Canadian change!?”

I mean really?

But then again, there are different kinds of change. Not just the rusted dimes and pennies that hold the faces of past presidents. There is change in the weather, from the drastic thunderstorms that leave their mark through lightning strikes that lead to fire, to the drought-creating triple digit temperatures that send everyone dashing to the lake for a release from the prison of heat. And then there is change in attitude, from a smiling face to a face of tears in a matter of minutes. There is change everywhere. As we grow, our hair changes colors, our faces age with sun spots or blemishes, creases from years of hard work.

But really, when you think about change, do you really wrap your mind around the fact that YOU, you, encounter some sort of change every DAY of your life?

Whether it’s changing from a hot cappuccino to an iced cappuccino with topped with a shower of cinnamon, or whether it’s changing from white socks to black socks. Maybe it’s changing the route you drive to work, changing the sheets on the bed, changing from Special K cereal for breakfast to shredded wheat with sliced bananas on top. Maybe it’s changing jobs, maybe it’s changing your clothes, maybe it’s changing lifestyles, maybe it’s the change you undergo if you learn you’ve lost someone you love. Or possibly, it’s the change from glasses to contacts, a Blackberry to an iPhone, Tillamook Ice Cream to Ben & Jerrys.

Whatever it might be, we’re all undergoing change. Every day, every hour, and every minute. Every minute we live is a minute we lose. Sixty seconds that we will never again be able to relive. I’m sitting here writing that these words I can never take back once they’re written. Because they’ve been typed by my very hands that are stained from coffee and raspberry syrup.

Really, change is bound to happen. No matter what. The only question is “how?” How are you going to face change? Will you be the one armored in clothes made of steel? Will you let your house built upon sand crumble from the crashing waves of change, or will you stand above and rise against change, be it easy or hard, with a house built upon the rocks?

I caught myself tonight being super, and I mean super crazy in thought about all that I’ve learned and grown from in the last six weeks of my life. I mean, it might not seem like a big deal to y’all, but I’ve changed a lot in the last six weeks. I’ve learned more about myself than I knew existed. So just because I’m feeling extra real tonight, I’m just going to really tell you all that I’ve learned, and changed from lately.

Most of you probably know that I was nannying for several weeks full time in Seattle with my pastor’s family while the wife was back and forth from the hospital before giving birth to Gideon, baby Gideon. The warrior baby. The baby who God has His hand upon. For those of you who don’t know, you can catch the whole story on I previous post. I hope :)

When I returned from nannying, and while I was nannying, God was doing an extravagant work in my head, teaching me so much about how my life is not mine. It’s entirely HIS to live through me. You know what I’m saying..?

Well, that was April. May came and went, and so the rain, just like the little poems say..except wait, isn’t it April that has the showers?

And then “hey!” there was June. Just like that. 2012 was already six months in. And I had to catch my breath on that first day of the sixth month. And I shook my head and said, “Wow. Look where God has led me.” June led me to get an incredible job at Starbucks, photograph multiple weddings with my momma through our photography business, Lifesong Photography, work..a lot, finish school, get a license (you see, there’s REASON behind that one ;)), and a whole bunch of other stuff that you’d probably be bored with.


And then there it was. July 1st. The seventh month. Like. what. the heck. Where has this year gone?

But let me just pause. And let’s talk about work. Starbucks.

Like, I had the mindset going into this job that I would be “super pro” if I had a job working at Starbucks. Like right? Working at ONE store out of the catrillion Starbucks branches that exist throughout the world. Yeah. Like I’d REALLY be a big deal. Whatever. I thought so. ..stupid that was. I was hired at the Chelan Starbucks in, you guessed it, Chelan, Washington. One of the busiest stories in the state of Washington. Was I crazy? No. Was God totally smiling? Yes. Because He knew, and knows how much my heart needed and continues to need humbling.

Honestly, those first two weeks of work were awful. I’d get complements, then I’d wonder if I was even cut out to remember the recipes for like twelve dozen drinks. I messed up orders, made iced drinks hot, brewed the wrong pots of coffee, dropped pastries, had whip cream explode all over me, you name it. And those first two weeks, I drug myself down about EVERY little thing I did wrong. And finally, God just said, “When are you going to learn? When are you going to realize that I’m trying to TRAIN you and TEACH you!” And that was when I realized, wow. I’m not the teachable person I thought I was. AT ALL. I needed so much humbling. I still do.

Now, I’m the type of person who has the personality and mindset that if things aren’t getting done, I’ll step in and get them done. Because I want my customers happy you know? I don’t want my customers waiting fourteen minutes for a mocha. Like..that’s enough time to run two miles. And about two weeks into work, I realized that I can’t do everything. I wish I could. Sure, sometimse I think I probably could, but then again, don’t we all at some point? And I realized that all God requires of me is to accomplish what He has put before me, and complete it well. And then He will provide more in His given timing. So I stepped back. And I realized that I was the newbie who needed more than a bib. I needed a whole dang apron to keep me from becoming a hot mess. And I realized that I’m just one tiny seashell in a world full of thousands of beaches FULL of seashells. But still, God cares about ME. And He cares SO much that He is teaching ME. Teaching me so much about who I am, why I am where I am, why I’m brunette and not blonde, why I like green tea instead of coffee, why I prefer stripes to polka dots, why I prefer smiling to frowning, why I only listen to country music when it’s blazing hot outside, etc. He’s teaching me. Teaching me that this job, isn’t a job to put money in the bank. It’s a job, full of tasks that are entirely full of learning. And change.

And let me just say, because I realized He’s been teaching me so much, and I’ve been learning soo much, I’ve been blessed a thousand fold in return. With the smiling faces of happy customers, co-workers who have become friends, the laughing that takes place when all we want to do is roll our eyes and say, “you’ve got to be kidding me.”


So, that’s it. Simple as that. He’s teaching me. And on top of that, He’s teaching me that no matter where I am, no matter how deep, how strong, or how wide the current might be, healing is ALWAYS in His hands. I’m blessed. Blessed beyond measure with infinite grace. He’s made us more than conquerors through His love. How incredibly undeserving are we then?


“Behold, I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall all be changed.”


3 thoughts on “Change.

  1. You are seriously such an incredible inspiration. Its not everyday that someone you start stalking on IG connects in such a deep way. I look forward to opening IG to see what you and Kristin have posted because it always connects to what is happening in my life. And now to read your blog, my heart is filled. Thank you for being faithful and for being an amazing light. You are very much brightening the world around you, one post at a time. I cannot wait for the day I get to meet you and your lovely momma. Blessings!


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