give me an l-o-v-e.

I had a fantastic idea to ride the escalator to the second floor of Barnes and Noble this morning and set up camp in the cafe with my laptop and wrap up some wedding edits so I did just that, all the way up to sitting down with my laptop and getting set up and realizing my computer had less than 20% battery and there wasn’t an outlet to be found in the cafe. All this to avoid the nonstop chaos in the Starbucks across the way and the always increasing hustle and bustle in Peet’s Coffee around the corner.

Never in my life have there been so many coffee shops and so many choices in one place for me to choose from! If I started naming them you’d probably lose track and be like me, choose the logical place that doesn’t even serve coffee–Jamba Juice. I mean, I specifically ordered a medium smoothie this morning and when they called my name I was given a giant smoothie for the same price. Soo. Happy Thursday, right!?

San Luis Obispo is full of so much. So much personality, character, college students, homeless men with shopping carts and ripped up cardboard reading, “Jesus Saves”, women wearing heels all too uncomfortable to even look at and hear “click-clacking” down the sidewalk, (I like my TOMs, thank you), wilty palm trees, too many Starbucks to count on both hands, and enough cliche souvenir shops for a city like this.

None the less, I am soaking up every tiny detail of this little city because it has so much LIFE. Tonight I’m going to the all too famous farmer’s market and I’m hoping it really is as good as people say ;) The people here are so interesting. I’m currently still sitting in the upstairs of Barnes and Noble and three other people have made their way to the tiny tables next to me to sit down with their half full “Barnes and Noble Cafe” (proudly serving Starbucks) cups of joe and crinkled newspapers.

For your imagination, the particular spot where I’m sitting, which I chose strategically, I might add, overlooks a California Pizza Kitchen, a Starbucks, and local pizza joint. There’s a nice gentleman sitting in a chair outside the Starbucks with an oversized, all too big for his head sun hat with a basket of notecards, a fresh, never unfolded newspaper and a bright red shirt on, with worn denim shorts. He’s been trying to untangle the same set of earbuds since I sat down.

30 second pause.

Oh wait, they’re untangled now. Perfect. I’m trying to figure out of he’s more of the Beatles type of guy or perhaps the guy who just wants to check the stocks on his iPhone and have earbuds to hear the occasional advertisement that pops up. I’ll never know.

You know, the greatest thing I’ve been trying to engrain in my mind is to be quick to listen rather than quick to speak. Quick to learn rather than quick to judge. Quick to love rather than quick to hate. Quick to respond (when necessary) rather than quick to react.

Last week I had the complete honor of listening to the ever-gifted Bob Goff (author of the book Love Does) and for real, I’ve never in my life listened to someone so full of personality. After a full 60 minutes listening to his wisdom and letting it filter around my swirling mind, I came out of it with the greatest challenge.

To love like Jesus does. To listen to those around me and sit in wonder and even seek to ask their story. You never know who you might be Jesus to, or share the Gospel with. I mean, I would LOVE to know the story behind the aging gentleman sitting near me with a salmon colored button up on, a vivid orange and navy hat with the familiar Nike swoosh on it, and fantastic man-clogs on. (I don’t know the name of them, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.) He’s been reading an obviously intense book, but he’s holding it so awkwardly I just can’t quite make out the title.

But REALLY! Before walking down the street and thinking to yourself, “Gosh I better stay close to this side because those guys look a little questionable”, know they were created by the same God who created YOU! When you continually remind yourself of that, before humanly thinking to yourself, “They’re nothing like me” (I do it too), know that sure, they might not have the same lifestyle as you, but they SURE can have the same hope you do. YOU have the opportunity to share that, to offer that priceless knowledge and gift.

Don’t let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by, when you could miss out on the greatest blessing–bringing just ONE more person to the heavenly home you will share together. What a gift that could be!

I’ll write more later, but for real, this whole 6% battery life is making my heart rate rise. Gotta find an outlet!


the girl encouraging you to be a Jesus-be-er and Gospel-liver.


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