// meet the writer

hello and welcome.

Every day we’re surrounded by voice. Voices of media, family, friends, you name it. But so often, we fail to hear the voice of God, and often our own voice. That’s why I write.

I spend a majority of my time running Lifesong Photography, specializing in intimate estate weddings and senior portraits. But outside of photographing beautiful people and love stories, I escape to the mountains where you’ll find me rock climbing. Occasionally I board a plane to travel across the states, and I’m always sporting my insulated Camelbak filled with green tea. I spend my time loving Jesus, learning just how in need of Him I am, and cooking food. I believe in nutrition, adventure, quiet, and color. I believe in belly laughter and love letters. I’m a firm lover of  chunky scarves, French Cade Lavender candles (Anthropologie, oh my soul), big hair, goji berries, Cadbury mini eggs, running, and eating sushi like it’s going out of style.

My better half, (instagram: @mrconnorpaul) selflessly loves, pursues, and makes my life even more blessed. He makes me laugh, always tells me I’m beautiful, pursues me, surprises me, prays with me, and unconditionally shows me the love of Jesus.

Every day I find that life has more value, more grace, and more hope. Hope for a place that exists far beyond what we see now. A place among our King, the highest of heights.





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